Tongkat Ali Extract

Mature Tongkat Ali Roots Copyright Rainforest HerbsAt Rainforest Herbs we have 20 years experience in the R&D and manufacture of Tongkat Ali extract for male health and vitality. We continue to strive to develop world-class products incorporating the latest developments in Tongkat Ali extraction and standardization.

Contents: 60 grams of our TONEX water soluble Tongkat Ali extract in powder form. This is suitable for manufacturers and for the serious bodybuilders, athletes and hard-core Tongkat Ali connoisseurs who prefer taking Tongkat Ali straight (and aren’t scared off by the bitterness!). Best when mixed with coffee and sweetened as desired.

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How to take?

To consume simply add to hot water and sweeten with honey and lemon as desired.

Note: As Tongkat Ali increases energy it enhances alertness and may delay sleep in the evenings.

Keep firmly sealed and refrigerated after opening to prevent hardening.

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