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EP Tongkat Ali

E-P Tongkat Ali is Traditionally used to Invigorate Vital Energy and Men’s Health

E-P Tongkat Ali Capsules is the perfect product for anyone looking to invigorate energy and health naturally. The name Tongkat Ali in Malay means “Ali’s walking stick” in reference to its famed aphrodisiac properties. Tongkat Ali is a national treasure of Malaysia and the understanding of its traditional use by indigenous healers for low energy, male infertility, convalescence and fevers have all been confirmed by 20 years of modern scientific research. Please check out our Blog for more info.

E-P-Tongkat-Ali Capsules individual packContents:
120 capsules packed in 12 individual packs (with a 10 capsule blister strip in each). Each capsule contains 470mg wild Tongkat Ali root powder (Radix Eurycoma longifolia Jack). No added ingredients. Our experience is in using only mature roots over > 5 years old.

Dosage: 2 capsules twice daily after meals.

E-P Tongkat Ali Capsules

Inside is 12 individual boxes of 10 Capsules each

E-P Tongkat Ali Plus Capsules is:

  • Manufactured in a GMP Licensed Facility
  • Registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Health MAL06061455T
  • Certified Halal by Jakim
  • Contains no fillers, binders or additives
  • Made with mature roots > 5 years of age
  • 100% Sustainably wildcrafted and collected by indigenous communities of Malaysia
EP Tongkat Ali Capsules