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Rainforest Herbs® is fully owned by Asia Botanicals Sdn. Bhd., the pioneer herbal company in Malaysia focused exclusively on researching and manufacturing world-class herbal products from tropical Southeast Asian herbs. We ensure that all products are backed by solid science and therapeutic dosages and manufactured under strict GMP standards. We also believe in the importance of education in providing our customers with cutting-edge holistic health information to enable us to take greater responsibility in achieving vibrant health.

Grown in their natural rainforest environment free from pollution, our medicinal herbs are collected by people native to the areas where they are found. After the herbs are collected, each batch is tested in-house by our Master Herbalists to ensure maximum purity and concentration. Our quality control is stringent and this has been acknowledged through our products meeting both the Malaysian Ministry of Health GMP specifications and the Japanese Health Regulatory Authorities. All our products are 100% Halal and we source from organic and sustainably wild crafted raw materials. Our Rainforest Herbs range of professional herbal products have been available for the past 20 years in all major retail pharmacy chains, international retail chains and independent pharmacies throughout Malaysia and we believe that speaks for the high standards of our products.

Our company’s mission is to bring to you the health benefits of herbs and natural products while at the same time, supporting and protecting our natural rainforest resources. Our products are made from sustainably wildcrafted and organic herbs. As a company, we invest efforts in the education and awareness of the need to maintain and protect our rainforests ecosystem for future generations.

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Asia Botanicals Sdn. Bhd.

Asia Botanicals Sdn. Bhd.Office & Shop: No. 28 Jalan Apollo U5/187, Seksyen U5, Bandar Pinggiran Subang 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Factory: 31 Jalan Apollo U5/188, Seksyen U5, Bandar Pinggiran Subang 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: (+603) 7831 8139 or (+6) 012 284 9875

General inquiries: info@rainforestherbs.com

Sales & Technical inquiries: asiabotanicals@gmail.com

We welcome your enquiries and we will endeavour to answer them within one or two working days. The more detailed information you provide the better we may respond.

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