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Our Rainforest Herbs Organic Remedies & Health Foods were developed by Australian Medical Herbalist Benjamin Drewe. Ben has spent the past 30 years researching the medicinal plants from the rainforests of tropical Asia and incorporating them into herbal remedies and health foods. Rainforest Herbs products are sold both online and in retail pharmacies, health food stores and supermarket chains around Malaysia.

We focus on developing professional quality products that produce results. We emphasize diet as the foundation and provide the key ingredients and understanding of how to incorporate these into your lifestyle. When our food is in harmony with our genetic blueprint then supplements provide the additional health support and disease prevention we require in these modern times.

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R&D Focus since 1995

  • Organic functional foods to support a healthy diet and weight maintenance: Virgin Coconut Oil, Odourless Coconut Oil and MCT Oil / MCT Powder and many more!

  • Male hormonal health – range of products based on Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) root

  • Female hormonal health – Pueraria mirifica root and Kachip Fatimah phytoestrogen herbs

  • Antioxidant cellular protection – Andrographis herb and Turmeric / Curcumin nanotechnology and more

  • Plus adrenal support, liver protection, immune enhancement and skin health & beauty.

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Our health is our greatest investment for the future. Health knowledge is constantly evolving as science better understands evolutionary factors that have shaped what we are today and why modern existence is making us sick. We have the daily opportunity to eat nutrient dense organic health foods and phytonutrient rich herbal supplements that support cellular health and prevent disease. Check out our Rainforest Herbs articles on cutting-edge natural health info backed by evidence based science.

The information on this site is meant to empower us to take more responsibility for our own health and is not meant to replace obtaining accurate health diagnosis and treatment from a qualified health practitioner. Professional natural therapy involves a complementary approach that incorporates the best of diet and nutrition, herbal medicine and physical fitness and takes every effort to also utilize the best of scientific advancements in modern medicine.

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